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Blogs Books and Bytes is an interactive book club and blogging community accompanied with ongoing online discussions. Created over coffee and blog discussions, Rana and Katie seek out to create a community that connects through book discussion, supports each others personal blogs and shares good food… or, bytes!


Katie Mang, a higher education and nonprofit administrator writes about her life long to-do list and challenges to accomplish it in one year in the #Challenge26 blog.  She spends her time volunteering, exploring DC, reading, baking and hanging out with her hubby and pup. She loves her job working with college students nation wide.

Rana Shirzadi is a recent Master’s graduate of the GMU ODKM Program. TalkBetweenPeople is her blog about how people connect through communication. She enjoys reading, meeting new people, going to the gym and reality TV. She works for a local nonprofit as an Operations Coordinator.



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